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~~Friends are a Joy ~~

The warmest thoughts
We ever send
Are those that go
From friend to friend.
The happiest wishes
We ever make
Are the wishes made
For friendship's sake.
The loveliest memories
That we know were made
With good friends
Long ago.
The brightest tomorrows
Yet to be,
We'll find in
Friendship's company.

~~ Think Positive ~~

If you think you are beaten,
you are.
If you think you dare not,
you won't.
Success begins with your
own will...
It's all in your state
of mind.
Life's battles are not
always won
By those who are stronger
or faster;
Sooner or later the person
who wins
Is the person who thinks
he can.

~~ Love Is Magic ~~

Love is magic, pure and sweet,
for it alone makes life complete--
Love turns all the commonplace
to matchless beauty,
joy, and grace,
And when there's something
hearts would say,
Love, like magic, shows the way.

~~ Life Is Beautiful ~~

Life's twice as beautiful
shared by two--
A world filled with love
ever-old, ever-new,
Life's twice as beautiful
shared with each other--
Two happy people
who love one another!

~~To my friend~~
You have such a positive outlook on life
Your words are always encouraging
Your face is lit up with excitement
Your actions are so straightforward
Your inner strength helps you achieve so much
When people are around you
they seem to absorb your uplifting attitude
When I think about you
I can only think
of happiness
and how lucky I am
to know

~~A Friend Is One of the Best Things in Life ~~
Though we don't see each other very much
nor do we write to each other very much
nor do we phone each other very much
I always know that, at any time
I could call, write or see you
and everything would be exactly the same
You would understand everything I am saying
and everything that I am thinking
Our friendship does not depend
on being together
It is deeper than that
Our closeness is something inside of us
that is always there
ready to be shared with each other
whenever the need arises
It is such a comfortable and warm feeling
to know that
we have such a lifetime

~~Always Create Your Own Dreams and Live Life to the Fullest ~~
Dreams can come true
if you take the time to
think about what you want in life
Get to know yourself
Find out who you are
Choose your goals carefully
Be honest with yourself
Always believe in yourself
Find many interests and pursue them
Find out what is important to you
Find out what you are good at
Don't be afraid to make mistakes
Work hard to achieve successes
When things are not going right
don't give up - just try harder
Give yourself freedom to try out new things
Laugh and have a good time
Open yourself up to love
Take part in the beauty of nature
Be appreciative of all that you have
Help those less fortunate than you
Work towards peace in the world
Live life to the fullest
Create your own dreams and
follow them until they are a reality