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Love Poems

If Love Had Wings

by Jenny Richard

If love had wings
Our love would fly high
We'd keep going until
There was no more sky

Because there is no earth
And no sky exists
That can limit our love
It just won't resist

Our love makes me happy
Forever I'll sing
Of the strength of our bind
Forever I'll sing
Our love with eternal wings

Love From An Arrow

by Jason Coulterman

Love from an arrow
Heart shaped with heart
Shot by cupid's arrow
Hits me like a dart
Love could always show

It's happening this way
I ask you out today
Not tomorrow
Cause I already know what to say

Your eyes are like stars
And the sky is as beautiful as you are

Your hair
in the breeze
Can't help but stare,
I completely freeze

Your smile
is like your poetry
It's the perfect style
Seeing it, makes me happy to see

You were my quest
Listening to my heart
Searching for the very best
Because I loved you from the start


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