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Jack Dawson

Jack is a 20-year-old American artist. He has been
on his own since the age of 15 so he is street-wise
and worldly. It is Jack who opens Rose up to a new
world and a new way of thinking. Jack wins his way
by his poker skills. He is a third-class passenger but
just been here is enough to satisfy Jack...until he sees Rose.


Rose is an upper-crust first class lady. Unfortanly, she 
doesn't want to fit in with that crowd. Rose longs for the
simple life of the lower classes. She knows, however, that
there is no way to that she can break free from the social
chains that hold her back. Jack show Rose the life she wants
to live and convices to her that if her heart is leading her to
him, she should follow it, no matter what the cost.