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Jack Dawson

Jack is a 20-year-old American artist. He has been on his own since the age of 15 so he is street-wise and worldly. It is Jack who opens Rose up to a new world and a new way of thinking. Jack wins his way (and his friend, Fabizio de Rossi's) onto the Titanic by his poker skills. He is a third-class passenger but just been here is enough to satisfy Jack...until he sees Rose.

Rose DeWitt Bukater

Rose is an upper-crust first class lady. Unfortanly, she doesn't want to fit in with that crowd. Rose longs for the simple life of the lower classes. She knows, however, that there is no way to that she can break free from the social chains that hold her back. Jack show Rose the life she wants to live and convices to her that if her heart is leading her to him, she should follow it, no matter what the cost.

Ruth DeWitt Bukater

Ruth is Rose's mother. She wants Rose to marry the man she is engaged to, Cal Hockley, because he is part of the social set that Rose and herself belong to. Also, Ruth's husband died and left them in deep debt, a secert that they must keep hidden. Rose's marridge to Cal would ensure Ruth that she will live the rest of her life the way she thinks she deserves.

Cal Hockley

Cal Hockley is a very concited man. He believes that the world was meant to turn in his direction at every moment of the day. Never in his life has Cal ever experianced any form of rejection so it is a slap in the face for him to realize that Rose doesn't love him, but an artist instead.

Old Rose Dawson

The spirt of Rose's soul hasn't dimmed an ounce in all the 101 years of her life. Old Rose is still as sweet and head-strong as ever. She proves this when she calls Bill Lovett and gets to the "heart" of the matter, asking about the Heart of the Ocean. She knew that Bill would dismiss her story as the fantasies of a crazy old women if she didn't first prove to him she was for real. She does this by giving him inside information that only she and he knew about the diamond.

Molly Brown

Deemed the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" after the crash, Margaret Brown was a tough lady of "new money" who wanted only to be joined with the rich members of the classes. She didn't stand for snobbery, though. She was in a life boat with Ruth as the ship went down. Molly encouraged the survivors to turn back and save the lifes of those drowning. She was out-numbered by the others on the boat who were afraid that they would be swamped and turned over.

Thomas Andrews

Thomas Andrews was the designer of the great ship. He was one of the first to truly understand that the ship was going to sink and that there was nothing they could do.

Captain Edward J. Smith

The fateful captain who died nobly with his ship. He was a veteran of the sea. Smith had been sailing for about fourty-three years and was noted for taking ships out on their maiden voyage as it was with the Titanic. Captain was to retire after his sail.

Brock Lovett

Brock is a fortune hunter. He knew that if he could find the "Heart of the Ocean" he would be a rich man and devoted his life to finding it. He believed, with the rest of the world, that the priceless gem had went down with the Titanic, not know Rose had kept it all these years, a link to a past life.

Joseph Bruce Ismay

Ismay was the only officer to get off the sinking ship. He for years later was consitered an outcast for not going down with his ship.

Fabrizio De Rossi

Fabrizio was Jack's best friend. He boared the Titanic with Jack because Jack had won two tickets in a poker hand. Fabrizio felt he was the luckiest man alive to get to go to American on a ship as fine as this one. Unfortunaly, like most men and third-class passengers, Fabrizio too perishes on the Titanic.

Countess of Rothes

J. J. Astor