Basic Techniques Of Kodokan Judo

Kodokan emblem

"Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious." -- Daisetsu Suzuki

This is a list of selected techniques in text format for easy printing and reference.

	Tewaza (hand techniques):
Seoi nage			shoulder throw
Morote seoi nage		2-arm shoulder throw
Tai otoshi			body drop
Sukui nage			scooping throw
Kata guruma			shoulder wheel

	Koshiwaza (hip techniques):
O goshi				major hip throw
Koshi guruma			hip wheel
Harai goshi			sweeping hip throw
Tsurikomi goshi			lifting pulling hip throw
Hane goshi			spring hip throw

	Ashiwaza (foot and leg techniques):
O soto gari			major outer reaping
O uchi gari			major inner reaping
Ko uchi gari			minor inner reaping
De ashi barai			advancing ankle sweep
Okuri ashi harai		double ankle sweep

	Sutemiwaza (sacrifice techniques):
Tomoe nage			circle throw
Tani otoshi			valley drop
Sumi gaeshi			corner throw
Yoko gake			side hook
Uki waza			floating technique

	Katamewaza (grappling techniques):
Osaewaza (pins)			Shimewaza (chokes)	Kansetsuwaza (armbars)
Kesa gatame			Nami juji jime		Ude garami
Kata gatame			Kata juji jime		Juji gatame
Yoko shiho gatame		Gyaku juji jime		Waki gatame
Kami shiho gatame		Okuri eri jime		Hiza gatame
Kuzure kami shiho gatame	Kataha jime		Ude gatame
Tate shiho gatame		Hadaka jime		Hara gatame
Mune gatame			Sankaku jime		Ashi gatame
Makura kesa gatame		Tsukkomi jime
Ushiro kesa gatame


Ask for practices. S. Kotani is a fine example. During his student days, he would practice with every powerful and skillful Judoka he could lay his hands on, rather than avoid the "beating" he knew would be coming. To be thrown, immobilized, or strangled, was nothing but delight for him. The thing that really counted was practice! --T. Ishikawa and D. Draeger


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